2024 3rd International Conference on Smart Energy and Energy Internet of Things(SEEIoT 2024)

Welcome Prof. Kai Wang, Qingdao University, China to be the TPC!


Prof. Kai Wang, Qingdao University, China

王凯 教授,青岛大学

Kai Wang, male, Ph.D., postdoctoral fellow, professor, vice president of Weihai Innovation Research Institute of Qingdao University, master's supervisor (master's and master's), postdoctoral supervisor, Ph.D. graduate from Dalian University of Technology, serves as executive member of Shandong Electronics Society Electronic Components and Materials Special Committee, member of China Power Supply Society Components Special Committee, tutor of innovation and entrepreneurship education in Shandong higher education. He received the 13th Qingdao Youth Science and Technology Award, the Science and Technology Youth Award of Shandong Electronics Society, the first prize of Shandong Electricity Innovation Award (1st), one third prize of Productivity Promotion Award (Innovation Development) in 2021 (1st), the second prize of Shandong Teaching Achievement, the first prize of Outstanding Academic Paper in Natural Science of Liaoning Province (1st), the editorial board member of Artificial Intelligence and Applications and Chains editorial board. He has presided over 8 scientific research projects (including 1 sub-project of 863 and 3 in Shandong Province), more than 10 horizontal projects, and participated in 5 standards. He has published more than 30 SCI-retrieved papers, with 3 papers with impact factor above 20 and 9 papers above 10.

王凯,男,博士,博士后,教授,青岛大学威海创新研究院副院长,硕士生导师(学硕和专硕),博士后导师,博士毕业于大连理工大学,担任山东电子学会电子元件与材料专委会常务委员,中国电源学会元器件专委会委员,山东省高等学校创新创业教育导师。获十三届青岛市青年科技奖,山东电子学会科学技术青年奖,山东省电力创新奖一等奖(第1),2021年生产力促进奖(创新发展)三等奖1项(第1),山东省教学成果二等奖,辽宁省自然科学优秀学术论文一等奖(第1),Artificial Intelligence and Applications和Chains编委。主持科研项目8项(其中863子课题1项、山东省3项),横向课题10余项,参与标准5项。发表SCI检索论文30余篇,影响因子20以上3篇,10以上9篇。