2023 2nd International Conference on Smart Energy and Energy Internet of Things (SEEIoT 2023)

Welcome Prof. Yiyi Zhang, Guangxi University, China to be the TPC!


Prof. Yiyi Zhang, Guangxi University, China


Yiyi Zhang, male, postdoctoral co-advisor, doctoral supervisor, special professor, doctor (post), selected as a young scholar (provincial and ministerial level talent), Guangxi thousand young and middle-aged backbone teacher program, visited North Carolina State University, Illinois Institute of Technology, Southwell University of Technology, undergraduate degree from the College of Electrical Engineering, Guangxi University, doctoral under the supervision of Professor Liao Ruijin received Chongqing University electrical engineering engineering D. degree in electrical engineering from Chongqing University under the supervision of Prof. Liao Ruijin, and postdoctoral studies under the supervision of Chen Weijiang and Zhou Ke. Now he is a member of the development planning committee of Guangxi University, assistant to the president, the leader of the discipline of high voltage and insulation technology of Guangxi University, the deputy director of the key laboratory of intelligent control and operation and maintenance of power equipment of Guangxi, the director of the engineering technology research center of distribution network fault diagnosis, the leader of the provincial and ministerial innovation team of young scholars of "high-voltage power electronics", and the editor-in-chief of Universal Journal of Electrical Engineering. He is the editor-in-chief of Universal Journal of Electrical Engineering, a member of China Special Committee on Insulation Materials and Insulation Technology, an IEEE Young Professionals, an expert of Guangxi Energy Think Tank, and a special expert of Southern Power Grid major infrastructure and science and technology projects.

张镱议,男,博士后合作导师,博士生导师,特聘教授,博士(后),入选八桂青年学者(省部级人才),广西千名中青年骨干教师计划,曾在美国北卡罗来纳州立大学、伊利诺伊理工大学、南卫理工大学访学,本科毕业于广西大学电气工程学院,博士师从廖瑞金教授获重庆大学电气工程工学博士学位,博士后师从陈维江院士、周柯教高。现任广西大学发展规划委员、院长助理、广西大学高电压与绝缘技术学科带头人、广西电力装备智能控制与运维重点实验室副主任、配电网故障诊断工程技术研究中心主任、“高压电力电子”八桂青年学者省部级创新团队负责人、Universal Journal of Electrical Engineering杂志主编、中国绝缘材料与绝缘技术专委会委员、IEEE Young Professionals、广西能源智库专家、南方电网重大基建和科技项目特聘评审专家。